YES! $34 MILLION Unemployment Extension NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA Unemployment Benefits Rent Assistance

Andrew Cartwright
2 min readJun 20, 2021

In some two dozen states, the facial recognition program used to verify unemployment benefits claims does not work appropriately, resulting in many people’s applications being denied or put on hold.

The identity verification service is intended to help reduce unemployment fraud and uses biometric data and official documents to verify people.

The article notes that some people, however, have reported that had trouble identifying them accurately and that they had problems contacting for assistance.

In response, CEO Blake Hall said the company uses “1:1 Face Matching to match the selfie image to the photo on the government ID. This is similar to how Apple uses FaceID to unlock phones.”

Let us know in the comments if you’re having trouble with the software, this is a new system that they introduced this year so we’re curious to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear isn’t budging on ending the extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits despite Republicans and businesses saying it’s making it hard to hire people.

He stated, “The extra $300 puts $34 million in our economy every week. And where is that going? It’s going to groceries, it’s going to retail, it’s going to restaurants.”

Beshear is also saying he’ll roll out an incentive for people to go get a job instead.

According to the news release, his administration is looking at what other states are offering and hopes to have an announcement about his plan next week and to launch it soon afterward.

We are very glad that some governors can see the advantages of keeping unemployment.

And finally, individuals and families who reside in Chester County, Pennsylvania can now receive help to pay rent and utility bills.

Chester County received $34.5 million from the US Department of Treasury and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to help cover emergency rent and utility bills.



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