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3 min readJun 23, 2021

Mississippi conducted an unemployment audit recently and found nearly $118 million in fraudulent unemployment claims that were paid out over the past 16 months of craziness.

According to a new report from the State Auditor’s Office: “Some of the payments were cases of stolen identity and international fraud schemes. Some payments went to people who had never lost their jobs and people who were in jail.”

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White explained: “It’s more important than ever to understand the mistakes that were made when money was flowing so freely.”

Hopefully, Mississippi can repurpose these unemployment funds and get them to the thousands of struggling citizens in the Magnolia State that deserve these vital stimulus unemployment funds.

Meanwhile, a law firm from the great state of Georgia and The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing the Georgia Department of Labor over unprocessed and unpaid unemployment claims.

They filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday, charging the state with extreme delays in the handling of unemployment claims throughout the pandemic in violation of state and federal law.

Emily Early, from the Economic Justice Project, explained: “The pandemic created the largest unemployment crisis in generations, and throughout this trying time [the labor department] has refused to follow the law in providing help to people who desperately need it.”

She continued: “State and federal law guarantee promptness and due process rights and [the department] has ignored those rights. … This catastrophe cannot continue.”

It’s great to see these powerful people fighting for the little guys, and hopefully, anyone that’s been waiting on unemployment benefits in the Peach State can finally get the stimulus funds they should have had months ago.

Finally, it looks like a new state is in line to become the 27th state to end their participation in extended enhanced unemployment benefits for thousands of claimants.

Lawmakers from the great state of Michigan are looking to pass legislation to stop paying out the $300…



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