Tooele County Lawsuit: What Went Wrong

How a China based company bought a $100 million raceway for $7.4 million.

Andrew Cartwright speaking with KUTV
Photo by Philip Veater on Unsplash
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The lawsuit claimed, “The sale, however, is unlawful. By basing its decision on future benefits of uncertain value, the County violated local ordinances and state law that prohibit the sale of County-owned property for anything less than full and adequate consideration. By its unlawful conduct, the County, moreover, deprived Center Point of fair and lawful consideration of its competing bid.”

Andrew Cartwright on Fox13 news

The litigation took approximately three years with the Audit Subcommittee of the Legislative Management Committee ruling that “Toole County mishandled the sale of the Utah Motorsports Campus by not following commonly used best practices selling public property.”

Figure 1.3 in Office of the Legislation General Audit Report
Audit Report determines operating losses

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