Stimulus Update: 48 Hrs Left to Claim $1,200 Stimulus Checks! Biden’s Stimulus Plan Trump

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We’ve been talking about the deadline for non-tax filers to claim their first $1,200 stimulus checks for months now, and the final day to submit your information is just 48 hours away, on Saturday, November 21st.

The IRS recently explained in a statement: “The only way remaining to get a payment in 2020, is to register using this tool by the Saturday, November 21 deadline of 3 p.m. EST.”

This comes after the IRS sent roughly 9 million Americans an email or letter last month, explaining how they can claim their direct payments of $1,200.

The statement continued: “Under the CARES Act, the IRS will continue issuing these payments during the final weeks of 2020, and some people may be eligible to claim them when they file their 2020 tax returns in 2021.”

If you or someone you know does not typically file taxes and did not receive a $1,200 stimulus check, make sure to visit the Non-Filers portal on the IRS website today, to ensure that you get your money before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, as we continue to wait for Congress to actually do something in regards to passing another stimulus package, some financial experts have offered guidance and strategies for managing your money as we await further stimulus.

Financial planner Jeanne Fisher suggests treating your finances at this current time as if we are not going to receive any additional stimulus.

She explained: “Getting your own ‘ducks in a row’ will further strengthen your financial stability, and any stimulus will be the icing on the cake.”

Next, Fisher offered some advice on ways to make some extra money, including canceling unnecessary services and products, cashing in credit card rewards, selling items on Facebook Marketplace, or even part time gigs that you can pick up from behind your computer.

Finally, she suggests managing all of your credit cards and assets, including life insurance, personal loans, retirement accounts, and credit debts that you have.

By having a solid handle on your finances, you can be best prepared to enter 2021 in the good financial standing, stimulus package, or not.

Finally, President-Elect Joe Biden made some interesting comments yesterday about who is to blame for not passing a much-needed stimulus package in the last 8 months.

Speaking at a virtual event for front-line workers, Biden blamed President Trump for not getting a Phase 4 disaster relief bill accomplished due to: “fear of retribution from the president.”

He continued: “Hopefully, when he’s gone, they’ll be more willing to do what they know should be done, and has to be done, in order to save the communities they live in.”

I sure hope that Biden can rally Congress to pass another stimulus package with more $1,200 stimulus checks soon, as it’s looking like we could be in for a pretty brutal winter without further stimulus measures.




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