STIMULUS DEADLINE TODAY! $900 Billion Stimulus Bill

Here’s your daily stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action, executive order, memorandums, moratoriums, and stimulus package update for Friday, December 18th, 2020.

A recent study from CBS News/YouGov shows that a large majority of the country, both red and blue, are in favor of a new stimulus package to be approved by Congress.

86% of Americans polled support: “passing an additional economic relief package that would provide funds to people and businesses impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.”

This high approval percentage is nearly unanimous in all parties, with 94% of Democrats, 85% of independents, and 79% of Republicans favoring a new stimulus package.

According to FiveThirtyEight: “53.1 percent of Americans say they are very concerned about the effect on the economy, and 32.6 percent say they are somewhat concerned.”

It’s tough enough having half of Americans on the same page regarding any topic, let alone a whopping 86% of people that want a Phase 4 disaster relief bill to be approved ASAP.

Meanwhile, President Trump was reportedly trying to push for more stimulus checks before he leaves Washington next month, and for even more than the $600 or $1,200 proposals currently being offered.

According to the Washington Post, White House aides had to dissuade Trump from making a statement demanding $2,000 stimulus checks for millions of Americans, as this new plan could halt stimulus talks and push the bill over the $1 trillion marks.

One source explained that they couldn’t compromise the stimulus package with Trump’s addition, stating: “The aides were really frantic, saying, ‘We can’t do this. It will blow up negotiations. ”

Instead, President Trump simply Tweeted: “stimulus talks [are] looking very good.”

Good for Trump to try and get us $2,000 checks on his way out the door, and I just hope that Congress can take stimulus negotiations seriously and get us our much-needed disaster relief funds soon.

Finally, with stimulus talks still being ironed out, it looks like today’s deadline for the government to avoid a shutdown could come and go without a completed stimulus package.

Fortunately, it looks like Congress is willing to put in the extra work to pass the long-awaited Phase 4 disaster relief bill before they leave for vacation.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell explained: “We are going to stay right here, right here, until we are finished, even if that means working through the weekend, which is highly likely.”

He also stated earlier today: “I am even more optimistic now than I was last night that a bipartisan, bicameral framework for a major rescue package is very close at hand.”

Democrats are also optimistic about stimulus negotiations, with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stating: “We are very close. We’re making really good progress. We’re feeling pretty good.”

Hopefully, we really are just hours away from another stimulus package being approved, but it’s looking like negotiations might stretch into the weekend in order to get everyone on board with the reportedly $900 billion stimulus package