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Andrew Cartwright
3 min readJun 25, 2021

A recent survey from the online research firm Momentive found that over half of Americans think that the extended enhanced unemployment benefits should not be given out any longer.

The survey found: “Just over half of Americans — 52 percent — want the extra benefits to end immediately.”

They also found: “Of Republicans, 80 percent want the extra benefits to end right away, compared with 27 percent of Democrats.”

The study also showed that 30% of Americans want the benefits to end in September as planned, and just 16% want the additional benefits to continue indefinitely.

These figures display just how divided we are as a nation, with more than half of America not on board with such a great stimulus program like these vital extended enhanced unemployment benefits.

Meanwhile, a recent report from WalletHub showed which states across America are recovering the quickest from unemployment and the last 16 months of craziness.

The study looked at five key metrics, comparing the unemployment rate from May of this year to both 2019 and 2020.

The top 5 states that have recovered the strongest from unemployment are: 1st is Vermont, 2nd is Utah, 3rd is Nebraska, 4th is South Dakota, and 5th is Idaho.

The 5 states that have recovered the weakest from unemployment are: Last is Hawaii, next is New Mexico, then New York, Nevada, and Connecticut round out the bottom 5.

I’m glad for all of my viewers in the states that are seeing a quick unemployment recovery, and hopefully, the bottom 5 including my home state of Nevada can bounce back to fully recover from this unemployment mess we’ve all been dealing with.

Finally, more states are taking their unemployment cases to court, with new lawsuits being offered in multiple states across America to keep handing out those extended enhanced unemployment benefits.

We’ve talked about Indiana and Georgia, and now you can add Maryland to the list of states suing to keep disbursing federal…

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