SIGNED TODAY? SSI Second Stimulus Check Update $2000 +$600 + Unemployment Benefits

Here’s your daily stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action, executive order, memorandums, moratoriums, and stimulus package update for Sunday, December 27th, 2020.

Democrats and Republicans had thought Mnuchin was speaking for the president in negotiating the $908 billion pact, but Trump quickly called it a “disgrace.”

Mnuchin had described the bipartisan deal as “fabulous” one day before Trump called it a “disgrace.”

Trump’s move to distance himself from Mnuchin played over very publicly on Tuesday.

According to two administration officials, Mnuchin was blindsided by the video despite spending months as Trump’s principal negotiator with Congress on the aid package.

Congressional leaders of both parties said they believed Mnuchin was brokering the agreement on Trump’s behalf, and Mnuchin reported to lawmakers that he was keeping the president regularly briefed on the status of talks.

This will make it a little confusing once lawmakers return to the floor as the President hasn’t been involved in the negotiations so far.

Up next, President Trump is leaving his fellow Republicans in Georgia in a tough spot as they fight to remain in control of the Senate.

GOP Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have both voted for the $900 bill that Trump refuses to sign.

Perdue even launched ads the morning after the bill was passed telling Georgians that he “delivered” billions of dollars in relief.

Perdue and Loeffler have yet to say if they agree with the President who calls for direct payment of $2000 rather than the $600 payments they voted for last week.

And finally, a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Sunday urged President Donald Trump to sign the bill funding the government and providing economic relief to the nation.

Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans expired Saturday, and the federal government is poised to shut down Monday unless Trump signs the bill.

Should the president veto the bill, the House and Senate which both passed this $900 billion relief bill could override the veto.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey stated, “You don’t get everything you want, even if you’re the president of the United State.

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders chimed in and stated, “Sing the bill, Mr. President, and then immediately, Monday, Tuesday, we can pass a $2000 direct payments to the working families of this country.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger lamented that Trump didn’t push for the larger stimulus payments on the front end of negotiations.

Like Toomey and Sanders, Kinzinger, too suggested conversations about $2,000 stimulus checks should occur after the president signs the bill.

I think that’s a fantastic idea so that Americans can still get unemployment benefits, small business aid, and funding for the distribution of the vaccine while they still debate over stimulus checks.

That was your stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action and stimulus package update for Sunday, December 27th, 2020