Everyone is 100 Percent Right All of the Time

Negotiations don’t have to be brutal. By understanding that everyone is 100 percent right, all parties can win.

Conflict and disagreement are completely normal when dealing with two opposing sides of an argument, deal or situation. We’ve all had those marathon meeting sessions where both sides have been butting heads for hours and nobody is any closer to an agreement. But what if I were to tell you that there’s a strategy that will help to bridge the gap between parties and make both sides feel like they’ve won.

The secret is found in the realization that you, me and everyone else on earth is always 100 percent right. Your culture, beliefs and experiences have allowed you to live in a world where from your point of view, you are always 100 percent correct. By coming to this realization, you have the power to avoid conflict and properly negotiate terms that work for all parties.

Since we are all 100 percent right, it’s important to remember that differing viewpoints put our rightness into question. Conflicts arise if your view of what is right is challenged, which makes it vital to acknowledge all points of view and avoid proving people wrong. It’s easier to change or alter a viewpoint when a better option is offered than to be outright proven wrong. When someone is told that their viewpoint is incorrect, they are forced to defend their stance and will become defensive. This can lead to anger and stagnant negotiations.

When you prove someone wrong, it zaps energy. In fact, words like “right” and “wrong” are often interpreted as “dominate” and “being dominated.” To avoid this dilemma, allow both parties to express their side of the argument and decide together which standpoint makes the most sense for the situation. This eliminates the need for each side to defend their point of view and will enable a better group decision-making process.

Unfortunately, our egos tend to get in the way of decision making, especially in group settings. But when both sides feel validated in their beliefs, they begin to work with a team mindset and put their egos aside. By understanding that you are always right, you cancel the need to force your viewpoint and can create from possibility.

The goal is to make both sides feel validated and to add to the debate, rather than excluding or eliminating possibilities. When both parties are creating from possibility, more options become available. Think of it like turning on a light bulb in a dark section of a room. There can be other lights on elsewhere, but possibility makes it easier to see where you are.

Conflict doesn’t have to be a headache. When both sides feel like they are 100 percent right, a mutual resolution is easier to define and achieve. For more information about creating from possibility and tips for conflict resolution, check out my book The Origin of Opportunity. I’ll teach you how to become your best self and transcend the person you have been for the person you were meant to be.

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