Affordable Housing is Taking Off Across the Country

Andrew Cartwright
3 min readDec 2, 2021
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The great state of Rhode Island is using $31 million to build over 600 units of affordable housing in 13 different communities all over the state.

The administration’s Housing Resources Commission approved the funding through the state’s “Building Homes Rhode Island” program.

According to Gov. Daniel McKee: “Addressing the housing crisis in Rhode Island is one of the top priorities of the McKee-Matos administration.”

This is fantastic and not just for creating safe, affordable houses, but for creating great jobs and revitalizing the economy.

Carol Ventura, executive director of RIHousing said: “Each dollar of BHRI funds invested leverages additional investments, which create significant economic benefits for the state and serve as an engine for growth, employment and spending on local goods and services.”

So this is great news for the people of Rhode Island. Rent and mortgage payments are sky high and only getting higher, so it’s good to see things being put in motion for you Rhode Islanders.

Meanwhile, the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority will demolish over a dozen houses and replace them with 84 new units in four and six plexes around the city.

It’s going to cost around $34 million project and the project could potentially begin in the summer of next year.

Juan Torres, project lead and the housing authority’s development manager said: “Our goal here with this project is to build as much affordable housing as we can in areas where it typically doesn’t exist, but also to continue investing in areas where it is present and it does exist,

This is kind of a direct response to that, to create additional family housing within our scattered sites.”

Right now, There are about 1,000 families on the waitlist and agency leaders say there is a sense of urgency to add more housing.

The 84 units that are available could house around 420 low-income families for the next 30 years. Another 17 units will be created for those families who are in Hennepin County shelters.

Brian Schaffer, MPHA’s assistant director of planning and development, pointed out that 84 is a low…

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