A&E Flipping Vegas, Andrew Cartwright’s Dream House

Andrew Cartwright
4 min readOct 14, 2020
Andrew Cartwright’s home in the development.

While Andrew Cartwright’s home is featured in magazines and showcases, a popular show on A&E was there from when the house was in its development phase.

Flipping Vegas was a popular tv show that aired on A&E, where Scott Yancey and his wife Arnie Yancey buy, flip, and fix houses in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Scott Yancey takes the biggest flip of his career in completing the dream home of Andrew Cartwright in the A&E show, Flipping Vegas.

Andrew Cartwright walking Scott Yancey over development plans.

In the first season episode seven, Cartwright is walking Scott Yancey through the 12,000 square foot under roof property while it’s still just a skeleton.

The real estate completely crashed in the Las Vegas Valley halting the development of the home. Flipping Vegas was called to finish this multi-million dollar job.

“So when you walk in you’ve got this amazing view back here of the pool with waterfalls, trees up top, its got a waiting pool, a hot tub, its got a waterslide, and the waterslide is actually covered with a waterfall so you don’t see the waterslide, two swim-up caves, and bumper boats,” expresses Andrew Cartwright.

Andrew overlooking the soon to be pool area.

He continues to discuss his plans for a gym, a home theater, and home offices for his and hers.

Scott Yancey expresses, “This is insane. This home is like a miniature Disneyland.”

Although Yancey is a little hesitant to take on this multimillion-dollar home he shows optimism with a potential profit of 1 million after a projected sales price of 4 million once the home is ready to be sold.

Standing in the living room of the soon to be “Dream House.”

“I’m trying to keep my cool and act like finishing it is no big deal but this is really a huge job,” stated Scott Yancey.



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